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“Minimizing waste, pollution, and natural resource depletion does not represent a strategy for long-term success; it simply makes the current destructive system sustainable.”

Mr. McDonough addresses issues from biodiversity to specific sustainability approaches in China. He distinguishes efficiency and diversity in nature from those qualities in man-made materials, and describes textiles now “clean enough to eat” that were arrived at by careful study of textile components and possible replacements.

The quoted first paragraph was taken from the report in AlwaysOn Magazine about a speech by William McDonough, who is “the founding principal of William McDonough and Partners, Architecture and Community Design as well as the cofounder and principal (with German chemist Michael Braungart) of McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry.”

“This is part two of William McDonough’s speech. For part 1, click here. (AlwaysOn has) also posted a short highlight video and the video of the entire speech online. The transcript is also available in the winter edition of the AlwaysOn Magazine.”

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Originally found on DIGG by fthead9.

Please read the story that my previous post links to on cities that are taking various approaches to sustainability. I applaud these cities on their effort, risk, expenditure and cooperation…

but I’d like to hear what people think about the cities’ actual solutions!

Since I can barely find people who agree on anything regarding alternative fuel, or at best we seem to have warring camps, did these cities choose plans that will help or hurt the environment? How did they know what to do when so few others agree? The best presentation at a City Council meeting may reflect marketing skills rather than content.

So, let’s bring it on in a discussion, pro or con, but civil please. Thanks!

What do you think?

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“It shouldn’t shock you to hear that I receive a lot of pitches for this blog. (Which is a very good thing for ideas, actually, so keep them coming.) One trend I’ve noticed is that many of what I call the “real” green-tech efforts and experiments are very locally focused….”

by Harry Fuller and Heather Clancy (Posted by Heather Clancy) of zdnet’s “GreenTech Pastures” blog

A nice review of efforts from Canada to Texas to California to Singapore.

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