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For web-savvy environmentalists, or any interested environmentalists, please consider joining sustainability, a home for all environmentally-related content on See also the new site for discussion of solar power on solar power.  If you don’t know about Squidoo, I didn’t either until a little while ago.  It is easy to set up a “lens” that focuses on your favorite topic, blog, website, etc.

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I have decided that the inclusion of headlines from other news sources, along with the citations to the original sources on the web, constitutes “fair use” in the context of this educational blog. This blog is designed to inform voters and citizens about important environmental and chemical matters, to help people develop informed opinions on these complex subjects.

So, the World Headlines are back.

This topic is too important, the misinformation too substantial, and the good information too widely scattered, for me to stop providing selected world headlines in good conscience.

Also, now that I have figured out del icio us, there is a second feed of 10 recent headlines from sites I have tagged.

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