Nanosolar Powersheet: The Paper-Thin Solar Cell That Could Change the World

As reported by Michael Moyer of (the site for Popular Science):

Imagine a solar panel without the panel. Just a coating, thin as a layer of paint, that takes light and converts it to electricity. PopSci’s Innovation of the Year for 2007 is a solar cell that can be printed like paper and applied to roofs or any other flat surface, delivering solar energy at 1/10th the cost of a traditional glass and silicon cell

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I gratefully acknowledge Steve B., a user at, for informing me of this story.  James K. Bashkin

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  1. Just think of the great combination of this thin solar cells with the silicon nanowire lithium ion batteries that has significant high performance ( )

    I think that time has come and private industry invest in alternative energy. At last.

  2. Thanks for the link! It does look very promising. Jim

  3. This is a very promising technique, will make solar panel portable, flexible, and cost-effective. Such as solar charger, solar gadget will be more popular.

  4. Very promising innovation, I am looking forward to hearing from it soon ! \
    Remain aware of green companies with Green Meetup, the website where you can find Green Eco-friendly products !!

  5. i could only wish that solar panels cost only several hundred dollars, i would love to fill my roof with solar panels *`,

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