Advocates Sue to Enforce Pesticide Order – TIME and Washington Post

A lawsuit has been filed against the Federal government by “Earthjustice, the environmental public interest law firm representing salmon advocates.” The purpose is to force the Bush administration to obey a court order that was written to protect salmon from pesticides. The court order permanently protects salmon from pesticides used by farmers, including by crop dusting, and in homes. Certain pesticides are known to kill salmon at very low levels and measured were supposed to be employed to minimize the problem. The measures include posting information and warnings where pesticides are sold, both to consumers and farmers, and extend to a ban on crop dusting near salmon habitat.

I wish I were more shocked that our Federal government has to be sued to follow laws and court orders that protect the environment. Still, this is still inexcusable behavior that seems to endangers fish and their ecosystem, the salmon fishing industry and people who eat salmon.
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Note: the original story that “read more” linked to was at Time magazine, but that story is no longer available on line.  Here is the Washington Post’s article on the same story about suing the Federal government over pesticide use.

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