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For both laptop and desktop computers, Dell plans to cut power consumption as part of its required work on compliance with the EPA’s EnergyStar 5.0 standard, reports Mark Hachman of HP earlier said it would cut power use of “volume” PCs by 25 percent, relative to 2005. In those terms, Dell’s reductions would be 62 % for desktops, 37 % for laptops (says Dell’s Albert Esser, vice president of power and infrastructure solutions). These changes are of course very welcome.

“One, we will first continue to integrate Energy Smart technologies into the product,” Esser said, referring to a basket of Dell technologies that includes low-power Intel and AMD processors, aggressively power-managed system settings, and management tools. Those will also include circuit design and internal routing, he said.

“Low-flow fan technology is a significant one,” Esser added. ‘We don’t source the cheapest…fans, but often we choose to work with a vendor to create a custom design.”

Dell also plans to use higher-effficiency power supplies from the organization 80 PLUS (certified 80% efficient), though even more efficient power supplies (85%) are required by EnergyStar 5.0, from what I have already read and reported.

It is worth noting that proposed European are much more stringent than US EPA standards on toxic components of PCs.

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Driven by the Energy Star 5.0 requirements as set down by the EPA, in consultation with the industry and PC Magazine, Corsair has reached the 80 PLUS standard with a new series of PC power supplies.

80 PLUS specifies at least 80 efficiency all the way from low (20%) load to high (100%) load.

This is a major improvement and a most welcome one- many power supplies (or PSUs) are near 70% or less efficient, so they generate more heat and waste more electricity (the more efficient power supplies generate less heat and keep more of the energy in the form of electricity that is used by the computer).

With all of the advances in Europe regarding clean and efficient technology, it is nice to see the US EPA making tougher requirements and driving the industry! EnergyStar 5.0 will require 85% efficiency!

I happen to have the HX620W, one of the qualifying 80 PLUS PSUs, in the desktop machine I’m working on now, and I chose it after searching the web for PSU efficiency ratings.

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