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With all the news recently surrounding the company Tata International and its Tara Nano, the world’s cheapest car, it is a bit shocking to see an even cheaper car coming out so soon, but the Tiny is coming. What’s even more surprising is that the Tara vehicles will be all electric and focused on environmental responsibility. The Tara Tiny may show up on the streets of India in June. Manufacturing will be done in partnership with a company from China. It is great to see more good news on the environmental front, with green thinking and sustainability in the driver’s seat!

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Since the main story link is sometimes broken, here is an alternative link about the Tara Tiny and here is one more alternative link. However, the main link goes to, which has an excellent story.

Based on a DIGG submission from Benjamin Jones (Gas 2.0).

Note added later: I also want to bring your attention to my republication of this on, which ended up provoking some rather contentious discussion and had some very useful links and other information added by Sam Carana in the comments.

Just to be clear, there are small gas-powered cars called Tata Nano, and this article refers to them as well as to the Tara Tiny, which is an extremely small electric car that costs about $2500 US.  Tata International is behind the design and production of these small cars.  The electric car technology used is not new (by a long shot), but the important point, or one of them, is that the technology is actually being used, and used on what we can expect to be a large production scale.  This contrasts with the US, where the fanciest new electric car technologies are available, but production seems limited to boutique manufacturers (not necessarily expensive, but not capable of production that will change the face of transportation in the US).

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