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Splitting Water by efficient, catalyzed electrolysis to give hydrogen and oxygen gases, and combining this with solar cells for the generation of electricity; See video link.

Although exactly where this car will fit into the Honda line is unknown to outsiders, the new Honda hybrid will compete with the Toyota Prius

Volkswagen announced the Golf Twin Drive Concept, a step toward a diesel plug-in hybrid. reports that the concept car runs in electric-only mode up to 30 miles, using an electric motor that makes 82 hp. In addition, there’s a 2.0 liter 122 hp turbodiesel. The two engines combine for 174 hp. Regenerative braking to […]

The cost of solar and wind power installations keeps dropping, for the most part, with occasional, temporary price rises in the solar area if silicon supplies are an issue. The following links all point to a site that offers information on practical solutions and tax rebates in different regions. Here are a few ways you […]

“Biofuels are fast becoming a new flash point in global diplomacy, putting pressure on Western politicians to reconsider their policies.” Note that free registration at the NYT may be necessary to see this article at the “read more” link. Nevertheless, this New York Times article needs to be read! This is true even though the […]

Mariela Moon posted this story on about lithium-ion batteries, which are common but hampered by both the risk of overcharging and a decrease in charging capacity after an overcharging event. “Research for the improvement of lithium-ion has reached a milestone in Argonne National Laboratory where longer battery life and a 30 percent increase in […]

What is a plug-in hybrid? It is a car that runs on electricity via a battery that you can charge by plugging into a regular electrical outlet. These cars, being hybrids, also have gas tanks that can be used to power the car and recharge the battery, giving you what some might call the best […]

“Just a great video from CBS that covers the high and low end of electric cars. There’s tremendous promise that these vehicles will help us achieve (sustainable) energy independence,” sustainable products, and sustainable design, helping the environment and society at the same time. The video also presents the most challenging part of the sustainable technology.. […]