VW Golf Twin Drive Plug-In Hybrid Diesel

Volkswagen announced the Golf Twin Drive Concept, a step toward a diesel plug-in hybrid. Jalopnik.com reports that the concept car runs in electric-only mode up to 30 miles, using an electric motor that makes 82 hp. In addition, there’s a 2.0 liter 122 hp turbodiesel. The two engines combine for 174 hp. Regenerative braking to charge the batteries, engine turns off while stopped in traffic- the benefits of many good technologies. Only particulates from diesel exhaust remain a concern, but most people will run off the battery most of the time, given the short distance of the average car trip and the ability to charge the battery from the braking system. Volkswagen will work with the German government on a fleet of 20 Twin Drive Golfs for 2010. Much clean electricity is available in Germany from Wind and Solar power stations. No plans to export to the US at this time. Why don’t we request it?

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  1. dragonmage06

    We should DEFINITELY request that they export it! How do we do that? Get in touch with Volkswagen? 2010 is right about the time my current car will be dead and I’ll be looking for a new one. It’s perfect!

  2. I don’t have any special information about contacting VW, but I suggest we email and write. If I can come up with a suitable address, I’ll post it here. Thanks for the feedback.

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