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Congress is now deciding which federal programs will be funded in 2009. Among those programs are the Green Jobs Act, which would invest $125 million in green-collar job training programs, and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant, which would authorize grants to local communities to help improve their energy efficiency and increase renewable energy. Now we must make sure that Members of Congress keep their promise and fully fund these programs.

If you wish to write to Congress to voice your support for Green Jobs and Grants, this link will help.

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  1. I wish you all the best from the UK. Promises from government here are like egg shells. Early 1n 2007 each household was promised a free energy meter to show how much power we are using. Nobody has received one yet. I could go on —.
    I’ve decided to act alone and have sourced a plugin device that uses known technology and saves 10-25% from electricity bills. To find out more please follow the link on my blog or go to

    Again I wish you well with your mass letter to Congress.

  2. George

    I would LOVE to see Congress get a bigger budget for green jobs. We need more people focused on energy management efforts!

  3. Anne: Thanks for the note. I’m sorry to hear about the broken promises from your government. Governments are good at that role- the promises they do keep are often the promises we didn’t want them to make in the first place.

    Best of luck with your energy conservation efforts, Jim

  4. dragonmage06

    I would love to see them actually fund some of these programs instead of going the route of offshore drilling…

  5. Dragonmage- I agree completely! Thanks for the comment. Jim

  6. Glen Kershaw

    I need some help with a startup company in Boston with APU,s for semi tractor trailers. I would like to learn how to apply for a grant from the newly passed bill the “Green jobs act” The company that manufactures these APU’s (Alternative Power Unit’s) has given me the green light to become the representative for the greater Boston area. Thank-you

  7. Howdy! I just discovered your site: Green Jobs Act, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Chemistry for a sustainable world when I was surfing around It looks as though someone loved your website so much they decided to bookmark it. I’ll positively be returning here more often.

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