Court recommends against permit for power lines to new coal plant- MN

Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy: “Two administrative law judges recommended today that power lines should not be built across west-central Minnesota from the proposed coal-fired plant on the South Dakota side of Big Stone Lake. The decision is a major victory in the fight to combat climate change.

The judges found that the applicant power companies failed to show that demand for electricity could not be better and more cost-effectively met through renewable energy and energy efficiency. The judges also found that the power companies had not adequately considered the costs of global warming pollution. Without the power lines, the proposed Big Stone II power plant could not be built.”

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  1. I know this particular coal plant has been rankling environmentalists. It will be interesting to see if/how the builders try to circumnavigate the ruling to finish their coal plant.

  2. Yes, I’m sure we haven’t heard the end of the story, yet, but I hope the decision stands through all the other strategies that the power company tries. Thanks for the feedback!

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