Solar or Wind Power: Are you ready?

The cost of solar and wind power installations keeps dropping, for the most part, with occasional, temporary price rises in the solar area if silicon supplies are an issue. The following links all point to a site that offers information on practical solutions and tax rebates in different regions.

Here are a few ways you can bring solar power to your own home with the help of expert installers:

1.1kW Grid-Tied Solar Electric System

1.9kW Grid-Tied Solar Electric System

Here are a few ways to bring wind power to your home:

Air Breeze Land Wind Turbine

Skystream 3.7 Grid Tie 1.8kW Wind Power System

Here is a battery to store the clean power you generate:

Xantrex XPower 1500 W/60 AH BATTERY

I hope that you find these resources useful.

© James K. Bashkin, 2008

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  1. biopol

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  2. Thanks biopol! I just looked at your blog and I’ll definitely want to read through it. The blog looks very nice. Best wishes!

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  4. Thanks to Mr. Wever’s blog for the feedback. It is nice to hear that Melbourne is doing such a good job of organizing the use of sustainable energy.

    I’m not claiming that there is anything fancy here- quite the opposite. I have had so many requests for information about “what to do” if one wants to implement solar power (or wind power) that I wanted to provide real, off the shelf examples. Often when I write about the latest technologies, somebody complains that they aren’t ready for the market yet (which is, of course, true- that is the nature of the cutting edge). This particular post counters those complaints with real hardware.

    Also, in the US, the tax situation varies dramatically from State to State, and the site – #1 online destination for solar panels & wind power allows people to find out what tax breaks are available to specific zip codes (post codes), and to locate installers who will compete for business in any post code. Believe it or not, some places don’t have tax breaks, while others have substantial tax relief.

    So, you are spot on: this is meat and potatoes sustainable energy equipment that is ready for use in people’s homes, now.

    It looks like many places could learn from Melbourne.

    My mother (who is Australian) and my sister are in Brisbane at the moment. Would that I were (down) there!

    Best wishes. Jim

  5. Sherry

    Just wanted to share this cool workbook I found that covers everything from how to measure the amount of energy that your car really needs!! (as opposed to how much gas it eats). It also shows you how to measure the difference of energy used at low speeds and high speeds, lets you calculate the engine’s energy efficiency, and how your car’s energy compares to other things like energy in your home. The measurements are really easy to do. It also compares and explains the use of solar panels, wind power and electric cars and hybrids. At last an informative workbook that links all this information in an easy to calculate and understand fashion.

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    • Thanks!

  7. Thanks for that post and thanks also to go green and clean energy. There are essentially 4 main things you need to know about Wind Power Energy: How to setup your system properly. How to maintain your current system or the one you will build How to cure problems with your system How to keep your system working like NEW over the years ”” covers all of this, and a lot more. And when you read it, you’ll be BLOWN AWAY with how simple it really is to build and maintain.

  1. 1 Solar power « Mr Wever’s Blog

    […] The first one, the ‘catalogue’, is a simple illustration of teh kinds of materials you can easily obtain to produce clean energy for household consumption. Both wind and solar generators are represented, together with the simple appliances that can store the generated energy and tie the larger power grid to your generator (for still, cloudy days). I read somewhere of a scheme here in Melbourne, Australia, where communities got together to bulk-purchase just this kind of hardware. Sharing the costs, and taking advantage of some rebates available from the government, makes this an increasingly appealing option as prices continue to drop. […]

  2. 2 solar power home

    […] power ratings for solar panels are shown, along with a storage battery and two wind turbines. Solar Power Home SystemsResidential solar power Systems – links to how to buy a solar […]

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