By Bruce Nichols SAN ANTONIO, Texas (Reuters) – “Satellite data show that changes in the sun are contributing to global warming but to a smaller extent than human activity, a space scientist at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington told a group of petroleum geologists…”

This is the third major study in the past year or so negating the “solar activity” claim of climate-change skeptics- the claim suggests that solar activity rather than human activity is responsible for modern global warming. See discussion of another report that show no major effects of solar activity on modern global warming (at this link).

“Climate-change skeptics have suggested that solar cycles may be more responsible than human activity for increasing global temperature. But (scientist Judith) Lean said her findings showed ‘the sun is a factor of 10 less than the anthropogenic.'” In other words, people (and human activity) are responsible for the vast majority of modern climate change according to this study.

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  1. Paulidan

    More importantly, the sun is driving current cooling, which suggests that it overpowers C02.

  2. Paulidan: I don’t know if this is more important. I read through the paper but I don’t know how to judge this against other studies that are saying the opposite.

    I’m sorry your comment took so long to appear- I didn’t see it in the spam filter.

    Note to all: the link supplied is to a site where you can download a PDF (file) of a paper called “New dynamics of the Sun convection zone and global warming” by A. Bershadskii of ICAR, P.O. Box 31155, Jerusalem 91000, Israel and ICTP, Strada Costiera 11, I-34100 Trieste, Italy. Regarding the author’s affiliations, I wasn’t successful in tracking down ICAR yet- there are lots of ICARs and I need more time, but ICTP was founded by Nobel Laureate Abdas Salam and is the Abdas Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, home page:

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