New “Sustainability” Group and Solar Energy Lens on Squidoo

For web-savvy environmentalists, or any interested environmentalists, please consider joining sustainability, a home for all environmentally-related content on See also the new site for discussion of solar power on solar power.  If you don’t know about Squidoo, I didn’t either until a little while ago.  It is easy to set up a “lens” that focuses on your favorite topic, blog, website, etc.

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  1. Congrats on a great lens and an even better blog! These are fantastic resources for people looking for large and small ways to go green.

  2. Thanks so much! I’m still figuring Squidoo out, but it was great to see your lens0 it was the first I featured. Best wishes!

  3. By the way, readers, find legbamel’s site on urban sprawl and the environment at this link.

  4. Hi Jim,

    I joined that group. By the way,I have a picture with the redwood tree. How can I make it as the icon in your blog.

  5. Steven: Thanks for joining!

    To make an icon, the way I know how is to create a free account, which can be used to host blogs for free (that is where this blog is hosted). Then, in you profile, you can upload the picture. It would be great to see!

    Best wishes, Jim

  6. Dear All,
    Solar energy is 21st century so change your use of energy utilisation!

    Peach and Love

  7. Sounds good to me, Sjaak! Thanks for the feedback and for taking the time to comment.

  8. Squidoo is great, and I like your lens! I’ve got a green one as well, Your Green Guide. Cheers!

  9. Silver Lotus: Thanks! I’ll check out your green lens and plan on lens rolling it and noting it on my sustainability group at Squidoo. Best wishes. Jim

  10. Great information on the lens and your blog. I have gotten interested in going green, finding for myself and helping others find ways to reduce pollution from the creation of energy. I believe that the use of vertical wind turbines and solar panels for homes are a logical alternative for the average home owner.

  11. Thanks for the feedback, Sim! I’ll have to read up on vertical wind turbines. Jim

  12. I’m not sure how I missed your Sustainability group before, but I joined today. Good job!

  13. Thanks, SilverLotus! Jim

  14. Hello everyone,
    Solar energy has come to stay for the sake of our wallets and environment. And we have chemistry know how for it.
    Great lens indeed.
    Check out my website when you get a chance

  15. Hi Phineas: Thanks for the kind feedback. I’ll definitely check out your website. Best wishes, Jim

  16. Green Chemistry is very great for the environment. Our earth is all we got and we must take care of it for our posterity. Many who want to preserve the green earth have joined the renewable energy community. Not only are these people happy for doing so, they also save money their electricity bills by choosing to use solar energy. Talk about double gain.

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