This information came to me by email because I signed up and committed to Earth Hour 2008, which is fast approaching. Since the message emphasizes getting the word out, and since it is written so well, I’ve reproduced a portion of it here. The full message can be found at the Earth Hour newsletter. Earth Hour is an important symbolic and real act of conservation and activism, a demonstration of awareness, a statement of how important the issues of sustainability, energy conservation and energy use are to each of us, and more. Go to the Earth Hour website for information about how entire cities and organizations are participating, worldwide, and how you can join in. The environment is our home, let’s keep working on cleaning it up and protecting it for the future. From the newsletter of March 27 (the content in the following indented quote is © Earth Hour):

This is the weekend to take a stand. Earth Hour – this Saturday, March 29 from 8-9 pm local time. You’ll be joining millions of people across the U.S. and around the globe in a monumental call for action on climate change. Here’s a last-minute checklist to help you make the most of the hour:

· Go compact — Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), that is. Come out of Earth Hour with better lighting than before. Changing to energy-efficient lighting is just one step, but it’s a part of Earth Hour we all can do. Identify the bulbs you can replace, then hit the hardware store and stock up. And watch for special free and discounted bulbs in many communities across America.

· Prepare to party — Whether you’re hosting a planet-friendly get-together by lamplight, camping out with the kids or just enjoying some unpowered screen-free “you” time, make sure you’ve got all the supplies you need ready at hand. It’s not too late to invite a few more friends.

· Buzz in the dark — You can often hear electric light bulbs buzzing. This weekend, the big buzz comes when we all turn them off. Tell your friends. The more people know about Earth Hour, the bigger an impact we’ll each make. E-mail your friends, link to Earth Hour on your blog, pass out flyers and stickers or just ask your neighbors, “What are you doing Saturday at 8?”

· Think long-term — Turning out the lights for one hour is a great start, but what will you be doing after March 29? As Saturday approaches, make a plan to go green after Earth Hour. Recycle more, drive less, talk to your elected leaders—whatever you do, make Earth Hour the beginning of a new, greener you!

This is another day to do something for the environment (as is every day!).  I hope you will be able to join us and participate in this historic event.

James K. Bashkin

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  1. Wouldn’t it be nice to make more than a symbolic one-hour gesture and go a little greener everyday?

    A real green search engine can enable you to do that: a dark screen for reduced emissions, all money raised buying carbonoffsets, and a free search tool you can use instead of white Google: is a green search engine – we hope you’ll use it everyday like us.


  2. Well, sure, that is a perfectly good point. The symbolism is most valuable for people who haven’t gotten the message yet- it helps them get the message and develop a sense of community with those who have gotten the message.

    I’m sure the green search engine is worth looking into and I will do so.

    I’m just curious, though, do you think that those of us who are actively involved in educating people about the environment and inventing green technologies on a daily basis aren’t doing real, rather than symbolic, things every day?

  3. Tara

    Why are some people saying it’s 8-9? It’s 8:30-9:30. The official Earth Hour page clearly states this information. If everyone doesn’t participate at the same time, the effect won’t be as strong to the ‘big guys’ to make changes.

    • Thanks for the comment. If you look at the date of this article, it is from 2008, when the time was from 8-9. In 2010, Earth Hour is Saturday, March 27 from 8:30-9:30 as you said. Here is the link:

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