Steven Chen has started a discussion on that encourages people with environmental blogs to write in and describe their sites. I recommend that you take a look at the wide variety of blogs represented.  My blog roll also has a list of relevant sites, but it isn’t comprehensive. OneWorldUS is well worth a look, too!

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  1. Thank you, Jim. You are really working hard for the future generations.

  2. Steven, as you know, it’s a team effort, but thanks for the encouragement!

  3. This is a really good collection of stuff on green issues, looking forward to your posts! I’m also researching and posting on the environment from a US angle for an online news site:
    So hope that helps you out some!

  4. Thanks. I’ll be sure to look at your news site! Jim

  5. I am the website creator of, and would like to introduce myself and this wonderful new technology. As an engineer and environmentally concerned person, I have decided to promote solar, and more specifically this solar because I can see the potential. Fitted
    to most already existing tanks in most home in the UK, it works out far cheaper, and the performance is far better than traditional old solar.

    Please spread the word…

    Please feel free to check out my website at:


    Stuart L

  6. Hi Stuart,

    I can help you spread the words. However, I am in the US.

    You might want to post it at treehugger also. It has many UK users. Jim has provided the link. Or you can use this Link:

  7. Hi Jim,

    I am helping out a tree farm in North Carolina.

    Please take a quick look at this link.

    Best wishes.



  8. Thanks Steven! I’ll definitely have a look, and I recommend that everyone else does, also.

    Steven is focused on sustainability and making it a reality rather than just a discussion point. His work can be found on and

  9. greenhomeimprovements is where you can enter a short piece of your green blog topic. It seems like a great resource for bloggers that are looking to promote their green blogs. I just created a new one a few weeks ago;

  10. Thanks. I do use Hugg, but probably not as much as I should. Best wishes and thanks for the visit and comment!

  11. People are either going to go green willingly, or they will be forced into it by rising costs. This is why, with the handwriting on the wall, I’ve chosen as my new author website domain

    • I agree that as energy costs rise, we will start seeing more and more homes install solar energy. the new government scheme to encourage solar energy should help with the feed in tariff. I set up last year to explain the benefits of solar.


      • Wayne, thanks for the feedback. Your website looks very helpful for residents of the UK, and for all who would like to read about the options available. Best wishes, Jim

  12. Please check out A green community, making life greener, one bite at a time.

    • Thanks, Pipa. I don’t know how I missed this comment before. Best wishes! Jim

  13. I enjoy this site, it is worth me coming back

    • Thanks so much Kelli. Best wishes, Jim

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