Greenpeace is happy with Apple going greener- so am I

“This time Steve is on the right path for a green Apple. The MacBook Air is a strong entry in the race to build a green PC. As a mercury and arsenic free laptop it exceeds European Standards and raises the bar for the rest of the industry. The BFR and PVC free printed wiring on the motherboard is a big step forward.”

Making electronic equipment with safer and less-polluting materials is a very important step, and both mercury and arsenic are present in significant amounts in the vast majority computers in use today. These toxic elements are not a threat while using a computer, but they are to workers in parts of the assembly process, and, of course, to the environment: they can leach out of landfills or poison people and areas if improper recycling is done.

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    […] protect the consumer and not giant corporations. Not all corporation in the US are protesting: Apple computer has already responded with its MacBook Air, which exceeds projected European standards for the use of toxic materials, quite a feat for a […]

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