10 Most Innovative and Green Buildings

Vikki Miller of The Guardian looks at 10 of the most innovative and sustainable buildings around the country (the U.K. in this case).

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  1. Liz

    These are great houses. I hope readers will look at The Sustainable House we built in the US – it just received the first Platinum rating for a remodeled home from the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. We have a major problem with suburban homes on large lots being smashed and sent to the landfill so that a much larger (and rarely green) houses can be built on the same lot. This results in waste of every sort, water pollution, and degradation of the habitat around the already developed site. Instead, we chose to demonstrate the feasibility of remodeling, rehabilitating, and recycling an existing home into something with less eco-footprint than the original.

  2. Liz: Thanks so much for the response and additional information. Congratulations on the award for your remodeled home design. I have seen a lot of the destruction of older homes that you refer to- it is certainly unfortunate. It is great it hear about the alternative plan that you put into practice for remodeling. I recommend that everyone reads the information at http://livegreenlivesmart.org/ to learn more about this work, and I’ll be sure to mention your site and work in other discussions on the environment I’m involved in (on other sites). Best wishes, Jim

  3. stevenchen18

    In the city of Irvine, we require that the builders to build LEED certified homes. We are building a new community called Great Park, which sits on an old air base. I am the member of Sustainable Committee of Great Park. LEED is a big thing on our agenda.

    Good job, Liz! http://livegreenlivesmart.org/
    has a lot of good info.

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