State of the Art Wind Power Project Unveiled in Mojave

Large wind energy power project to generate more jobs for Kern County and boost local economy.
Oak Creek Energy is located in Mojave, CA and is a wind energy pioneer, beginning with one of the first wind farms built in California in early 1982.  I felt I needed to include more along the lines of “let’s act, not whine.”

However, there have been environmental concerns about harvesting the desert in one way or another (i.e. solar farms).  This is because under some plans, the Mojave desert will simply disappear and the ecosystem will be destroyed.  So, let’s hope that, when the final details are worked out completely, reasonable approaches have been devised and taken.

NOTE: THIS LINKS TO A PDF. If you are on a slow connection or just don’t want to view the PDF, please don’t click. Thanks to Mark Laymon on DIGG for finding this. Jim

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