How far has Green Chemistry come? Compare today with Brendan Horton’s 1999 Nature Article

Almost ten years ago, journalist Brendan Horton assessed the state of Green Chemistry for the prestigious journal Nature. It makes interesting reading to compare that article with the current state of the the field. Take a look and send comments if you would like.

“Industry is discovering that ‘green’ approaches to chemical processes are not only beneficial to the environment but can boost profits too. It’s fertile ground for collaboration between academic and industrial scientists.”

Question: what surprises you about where Green Chemistry is today?

Meanwhile, from the New York Times, two articles that discuss the environment in the US and in Costa Rica offer some hope and advice:


U.S. Forgives Costa Rican Debt to Help Environment


The U.S. has agreed to forgive $26 million of debt and the government of Costa Rica has committed to invest a similar amount in conserving high-risk natural areas.

OP-ED COLUMNIST; The Green-Collar Solution


Van Jones has been on a crusade to help disadvantaged communities understand why they would be the biggest beneficiaries of a greener America.


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  1. smita

    natural sources should be conserved by following simple chemial reactions

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